Oral Appliances Near You

Oral appliances are often used to for TMJ treatment in our Calgary office. These often reduce pain in the jaws and protect the teeth from accelerated wear caused by nighttime tooth grinding.

What Is an Oral Appliance?

The oral appliance used to treat TMJ pain made of thin plastic and is custom-fitted to your upper or lower teeth.

Who Should Use an Oral Appliance?

This is a question that should only be answered by your doctor, dentist or Dr. Tom Shackleton. If you are concerned with tooth wear, have jaw pain or have been told that you grind your teeth while sleeping, it is important to have an evaluation and discuss if an appliance is appropriate for you.

How Are Oral Appliances Made?

The process of getting an oral appliance usually starts in your dentist’s office for a consultation and examination. An important part of this consultation and examination is diagnostic images, such as X-rays and MRI’s. Once an accurate diagnosis is made and a treatment plan developed, Dr. Shackleton will discuss with you the pros and cons of appliance wear and how it can benefit you.

We make your custom appliance by taking moulds of your teeth, which are sent to a dental lab. Once at the dental lab, technicians start to work making models of your teeth and creating an appliance as directed by Dr. Shackleton. This process usually takes a week.

These are then fitted to your teeth, ensuring comfort and balance. It sometimes takes a few adjustments to make sure your appliance is comfortable and working to reduce your pain.

For more information on oral appliances, or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Tom Shackleton, please call 403-242-9952.