Non-Surgical Endo Treatment Near You

Most of the patients we see at our practice come to Dr. Shackleton as referrals from other dentists. We treat patients for jaw pain in Calgary, tooth pain that requires endodontic treatment in the form of root canal therapy, and a small number of other very specific conditions.

The treatment offered to each patient depends on their specific condition, but because we are at the end of the treatment process, we usually see those patients who have problems that are difficult to diagnose or treat.

These cases often fall into the category of endodontic treatment, and when we are talking about non-surgical endo treatments, that means either a first-time root canal, or a root canal retreatment performed in our Calgary office.

What Is Meant by Non-Surgical?

When we talk about non-surgical endodontic treatments, we are referring to treatments that do not require any cutting into the gums around the tooth, but rather that will be done entirely through the crown of the tooth.

We try to avoid surgery wherever possible, but we can’t always solve a patient’s problem using non-surgical methods. We will be able to confirm which option has the better chance of success during the diagnostic consultation.

Root Canals

Sometimes, the cause of jaw pain in a Calgary patient is simply due to their need for a root canal. Many of the patients we see for root canals have complex cases where the shape or angle of the root canal itself is out of the ordinary.

Root Canal Retreatment in Calgary

Sometimes, a root canal is performed but for one reason or another, it does not solve the problem.

Often, this happens because the canals are curved, very narrow or more complicated than anticipated, but sometimes, it’s due to preventable causes like failure to complete the tooth restoration in a timely manner. This allows saliva and bacteria to re-enter the treated tooth, causing inflammation, infection and pain.

Whatever the cause, in these cases, the tooth pain returns, and the only way to permanently solve the problem is to perform a root canal retreatment.

During this process, the filling or crown on the tooth is removed, and all of the existing material inside the tooth is removed. The canal is cleaned and prepared again, and the void refilled with gutta percha. Another temporary filling is placed, and the patient is referred back to their primary dentist for final restoration of the tooth.

As with all dental treatments, the sooner this happens after the problem surfaces, the easier the procedure is likely to be.

The best way to prevent a root canal retreatment from being necessary is to ensure that the initial procedure is performed correctly, and that restoration happens timeously in Calgary.

For more information or to schedule root canal retreatment in our Calgary office, please contact us at 403-242-9952 today.