Oral Medicine Near You

Many people believe that good dental health begins and ends with care of the teeth. While it is true that healthy teeth are a good start, there is so much more to oral medicine and dental health than just the teeth and gums.

Our practice offers treatments for trigeminal nerve pain in Calgary as well as a wide range of diseases and disorders that extend beyond just teeth and gums.

Whole Mouth Oral Medicine

Our patients come to us as referrals from general dentists, dental specialist, physicians, physiotherapists, insurance companies and lawyers. These patients have pain, discomfort or dysfunction that cannot be treated with standard dental procedures, and it is our role to diagnose the cause of their pain, and to determine the best course of action to manage their condition.

The process of doing so requires us to practice oral medicine that takes the whole mouth and body into account, which often means that we investigate and treat many different oral conditions.

Oral Lesions

Oral lesions can range from the benign and mildly irritating to potentially life threatening, but it’s not always easy to determine which is which. Part of our oral medicine practice is dedicated to the identification and treatment of oral lesions of all types.

Oral Thrush

Recurrent oral thrush is a common complaint, but that doesn’t make it any less worrying for patients. When patients are referred to us with recurrent or persistent oral thrush, our goal is to find the root cause of the problem, and to develop an effective treatment plan that offers relief.


In some cases, mucoceles do not require intervention, although they may appear alarming to patients. When we encounter these types of lesions, we will explain what is happening and how it formed. When necessary, we will recommend oral medicine treatment options. The most effective treatment is the removal of the mucocele.

Biopsy Service

Whenever persistent oral lesions are present, there’s often some concern that they may be cancerous. While the vast majority of cases we see are not, whenever there is doubt, we do offer a biopsy service to confirm or rule out cancer.

Burning Mouth

Burning mouth might sound like a minor concern to anyone who is not directly affected, but for those who are, it is often a cause of significant discomfort. Our oral medicine practice offers treatment options that can significantly reduce or even eliminate this painful and uncomfortable condition.

Orofacial Pain Dentist

Good dental hygiene and primary dentistry will always be the foundation of good oral health for patients of all ages. However, in some cases, even when those things are taken care of, patients can experience pain, dysfunction and discomfort.

Sometimes the cause of trigeminal nerve pain in Calgary is pathological, due to infection or inflammation. Sometimes it is musculoskeletal, and sometimes it is even neurological.

When patients and their dentists and doctors have tried all traditional methods of treating conditions and symptoms, and have not achieved success, a referral to an orofacial pain dentist like Dr. Shackleton is a good way to find, diagnose and treat less-common issues related to oral medicine.

Even if the root cause isn’t obvious or easy to treat, the goal is always to find a solution for the patient, and we’re always happy to help do just that.

For more information on treating trigeminal nerve pain in Calgary or other aspects of oral medicine, please contact us.